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Featured Researcher of the Month

Professional Affiliate: Dr. Zanethia C. Barnett

Dr. Barnett’s research focuses on aquatic ecology, with emphasis on factors influencing community assemblages, ecological interactions, water quality, and trophic states. Her primary research goals are directed towards quantifying the effects of disturbance on aquatic systems and deciphering mechanisms contributing to the structure of aquatic communities and genetic populations. Her key interests include: 1) assessing anthropogenic changes to aquatic community structure, 2) assessing aquatic food web responses to climate and land-use changes, 3) modeling potential impacts of habitat and water quality and quantity alterations on aquatic communities, and 4) assessing the impacts of invasive species on aquatic communities. Barnett has a special interest in the ecology and trophic dynamics of crayfishes, including assemblage and population genetic changes due to changing environmental conditions, as well as, their overall effects to aquatic ecosystems.