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The CBCR Welcomes Two New Student Members

July 13, 2021

Ole Miss students with both a love of the outdoors and an interest in science have a choice of several courses in animal and plant ecology that appeal to their passions. Two of those that found their way to the Conservation Biology course of Dr. Glenn Parsons, CBCR Executive Director, have now become student members of the Center: Meredith Goza and Sarah Ferguson. Ms. Goza is a sophomore majoring in Biology, and plans to pursue a career in environmental or wildlife sciences. “I have enjoyed learning about biodiversity and would love the opportunity to participate in research and conservation efforts that membership in the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation Research provides”, says Ms. Goza. Similarly, Ms. Ferguson, who is also a Biology major, states “We have a responsibility to save the Earth from the devastation we’ve imposed upon it, and organizations like the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation Research are essential to making the changes our planet so desperately needs. I have long been passionate about the environment. I grew up going on hikes, climbing trees, snorkeling, you name it. All I know is that there are many communities and parts of the world that need to be protected, and if I don’t help do that, who else will? I realize that organizations like the Center are vital to larger scale changes, but I also really believe that making a difference on your own, as an individual, is just as important and rewarding as being part of a group effort.” The link between personal action and environmental well-being is shared by Ms. Goza, who is particularly interested in the interconnectivity of society and the conservation sciences. She notes that “reducing the negative impact we all have on the environment and on our flora and fauna by making small sustainable switches” are steps that collectively will help preserve biodiversity. She also attributes her “fascination with biodiversity and wildlife” and eagerness to “protect the Earth and all of its inhabitants” to “being outside and learning about the world that we live in. Ms. Ferguson thanks her parents for developing her deep interest in the outdoors. “I intend for my career to be devoted entirely to conservation of some sort, although I don’t know what kind yet. Because of these values and interests, I believe that being a member of the Center would allow me to further immerse myself in conservation biology, and participate in a group effort to preserve the natural world.” According to Dr. Parsons, “students who demonstrate a passion for conserving species and their habitats” are welcome to apply for Center membership. University of Mississippi students of any major can request an application and then contact a faculty member or professional affiliate of the CBCR to nominate them for membership.”

Sarah Ferguson credits her parents for her love of the outdoors.

Meredith Goza wishes to study the interconnectivity of society and the conservation sciences.