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Pearl River Boaters Impact Endangered Turtle

Pearl River Boaters Impact Endangered Turtle May 23, 2019 Wildlife generally flee from approaching humans, choosing to conduct their business where they are undisturbed by our presence. Ole Miss researchers have demonstrated that human disturbance of basking behavior in the ringed sawback turtle (Graptemys oculifera) may at times be harmful to the recovery of this […]

Saving marine life one shopping bag at a time

Ole Miss Conservation Biology Students and members of the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation Research at the University of Mississippi  provided complimentary reusable shopping bags to Kroger customers. Why? Plastics in the world’s oceans.  Scientists are alarmed at the amount of waste plastics that find their way into our landfills, waterways, and oceans each year. […]

Discovery: Why Root Fungi Help Some Plants and Not Others

APRIL 24, 2019 Biology professors Jason Hoeksema and Peter Zee, along with 19 other co-authors from five countries (including former Biology post-doc Megan Rua and former Biology PhD student Bridget Piculell) recently published a paper in the journal Communications Biology that resulted from a 15-year collaboration. The group was trying to understand why plants sometimes […]