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Ryan Garrick (left), UM associate professor of biology, and Colin Jackson, professor of biology and associate chair for graduate studies, are recipients of a National Science Foundation award to explore the Earth’s biodiversity. Photo by Kevin Bain

Biology Professors Receive NSF Award to Study Biodiversity

Funds support research into ecological, evolutionary processes OCTOBER 25, 2018 BY SHEA STEWART Two University of Mississippi biology professors have received a National Science Foundation award for nearly $800,000 to explore interactions between microorganisms and freshwater mussels in an effort to better understand the Earth’s biodiversity, focusing on how ecosystems function. Colin Jackson, professor of biology, is principal […]

Professor, Student Work Published in Scientific Journal

 A review of strategies animals might use to survive climate change featured in Animal Behaviour MARCH 14, 2019 Dr. Richard Buchholz, associate professor of biology and associate director of the Center for Biodiversity & Conservation Research, and graduate students in his Topics in Ecology and Evolution course, completed a literature review that appears in the […]

An image of the Silky Shark. The photo was taken on 21 October 2006 at Small Brother Reef in Egypt in the Red Sea. Photo: Johan Lantz, Malmö SWEDEN, 2006

Opinion: Why Congress Should Ban the Sale of Shark Fins

MARCH 14, 2018 BY GLENN R. PARSONS To many people, a shark fin silently gliding towards them in the water is cause for alarm, even terror. But as someone who has studied these magnificent creatures for the past 40 years, it’s a cause for excitement. I have been slapped, slashed, and bitten by sharks. I’ve […]

Dr. Parsons' TedXUM 2019 presentation.

Professor Parsons Explores New Horizons at TedXUM

Glenn Parsons, professor of biology and director of the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation Research, spoke about shark biology and conservation at the University of Mississippi TEDx 2019 on March 6. After reminding the audience that the chance of them being injured in an accident in their own bathrooms is many thousands of times greater than the […]

VIDEO: Biology Professor on Science Friday

The popular national show Science Friday highlighted the research of Richard Buchholz, associate professor of biology at the University of Mississippi, for clues as to what a female turkey finds “hot” in a male on its radio show on November 21, 2014. Here, Professor Buccholz shares additional information about his Mate Choice Research: Darwin was the first to suggest […]

Scientist Invents Device to Improve Fishery Operations

Design being tested by Gulf shrimpers reduces bycatch of untargeted marine life OCTOBER 18, 2018 BY EDWIN B. SMITH A University of Mississippi marine biologist has created a new device that could greatly improve shrimping operations and is putting the device to the test through partnerships with members of the Gulf of Mexico fishing industry. […]

Dr. Glenn Parsons Testifies Before Congress

As director of the new Center for Biodiversity and Conservation Research, Glenn Parsons, professor of biology, testified before Congress regarding an important biodiversity issue—stopping the needless slaughter of sharks worldwide—at a legislative hearing on Marine Conservation and Shark Fishery Regulations on April 17, 2018. Recipient of a $1.7 million grant funded by the Mississippi Department […]